Our network

Integrated experts & Partners

Because intelligence is greater when working as a team, we work with multidisciplinary teams:


[ integrated experts ] :

– Creative Trend bureau CARLIN :experts in different sectors (stylists and marketing project managers)
– Agency that specialises in expert coaching in collaborative methodologies and creative blending, Emulsion Creative
– Agency for style and design expertise in Sports & Active Urban Sportswear, Mountain and Outdoors, team sports, fitness and urban styles, INMOUV.

Carlin creative Trend bureau      Logo Emulsioncréative logo INMOUV

[ expert partners ] :

– Web marketing agency (Slap digital)
– Media agency (Climat media agency)
– Marketing technology studio (Highlab)
– Mobile agency (La Coopérative Digitale)
– E-commerce agency (Skeelbox)
– PR agency (Oxygen)
– Studio for digital production (Webqam)

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