Our Team

Storytellers, storymakers,

Françoise, story director Director of the 79C Agency

Françoise is the Director of the 79C Agency. Versatility is her motto, creative output is what she excels in. She likes to create stories that will be engaging and have staying power for the brands whilst ensuring ROI.

Anne-Lise, story developer Communications & Development Manager

Anne-Lise is our manger of new business prospects. She promotes the agency to large national and international brands, guides its sales strategy, and also is involved in tenders.

Alexandre, story planner Director of Strategic Planning

Alexandre is responsible for communication strategies across all channels. He analyses the large scale trends in communications and the operational drivers to make brands more engaging and more viral.

Sophie, story producer Production Manager

Sophie is in charge of the agency’s purchasing and production department. She is responsible for the implementation process and provides technical support and advice to the creative teams. She is also always looking out for new talent in order to create amazing stories.

Laure, story creative Artistic Director

Artistic Director, scenographer, artist, and entrepreneur, Laure has a flair and knowledge of how to design and create stories for French and global brands in the fashion and beauty sectors.

Elodie, story creative Artistic director

Elodie’s cross channel vision allows her to conceive of and create fields of communication on different media and channels, such as publishing, packaging, staging, events, advertising. She makes it so that brand stories are told everywhere.

Sophie, story creative Artistic director

Sophie knows how to create brand realms so that they become objects of desire—from their visual and graphic identities to events. Knowledgeable about web 2.0 issues, she is the agency’s expert on digital communication.

Florent, story manager Project Manager

Florent provides advice and oversees the carrying out of communication campaigns until they are finished. A true musical conductor, he knows how to put all of the brand stories to music for B2B and B2C.

Mélanie, story manager Project Manager

Mélanie is responsible for managing communications projects from start to finish. Her professional background both in an agency and as an advertiser allows her to understand the issues that clients are facing. Her fashion expertise allows her to ensure coordination and monitoring of projects for beauty, ready-to-wear, and children’s fashion.